Coerced: A Pleiades Adventure

Sometimes you die to get what you want...

Gwyn's smuggling activity has never been secret, but she has always flown under the radar of the Militarian -- until now. Forced to smuggle or die by order of the Militarian authority, she is on the run with a steep price on her head.

Smuggling may be lucrative, but it becomes clear that her dangerous activity has compromised both herself, a new life form, and her family back home. Faced with a lifetime sentence on a prison planet, she and Adrik, her new ex-Militarian ally, must find a way to right the wrongs they've committed, and escape the Militarian death-grip she's fallen under.

Coerced is the first book in the series Pleiades Adventures.

Fans of Firefly, Star Trek, and Indiana Jones are encouraged to try this mashup of worlds, where a female spacer leads a varied cast of characters on exciting missions through a world ruled by the all-powerful Militarian Authority.

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