Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Short Time Opportunity for Space Opera Fans: Beneath the Metreskan Sands Free Promo

Don't miss this opportunity to get your own copy of the newly released book, Beneath the Metreskan Sands. It's the continuing adventures of Gwyn and Adrik, with a whole lot of awesomeness thrown in the mix. Get yours today.

Free Promo is 5/27/2017-5/28/2017

About Beneath the Metreskan Sands

Babylonia Steele has spent her life digging in the dirt looking for artifacts, but no dig has ever been as important as the one on Mirada. Her findings could shake the very foundation of the planet’s government. A tip from a traitor in her inner circle has alerted the Militarian authority, and it seeks to stop her at all costs. Fortunately for her, her closest friend just happens to be Gwyn Casteliano, the best smuggler, and pilot in the quadrant. In a life and death chase, she will risk all to protect her findings. Will the government destroy her? Will she lose everything Beneath the Metreskan Sands?

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