Thursday, April 20, 2017

Opportunity to Delve into a New Telling of Little Red Riding Hood For Free

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(c) Aly Runke
Aly Runke is looking for readers, and you can be one. Her book, Lilith, is now available for download through Inkitt.


In a world where the sun hasn't shined in centuries, a battle has been waged between the two species at the top of the food chain -- the Lupus and man. Adapted to living with limited resources, control over the water resources is mandatory for survival. Keeping a balance are the Hoodsmen who protect man from the dangers of resource starved animals. Lilith is the daughter of the deceased Master Hoodsman, her Uncle has taken up the mantle, but not everything is as it seems. Lilith learns of the hardship s of the people under her Uncle's regime, and that the Lupus attack that took er mother and her childhood wasn't t all that it seemed.

You can read the Prologue and download your own copy from Inkitt. Click: here.

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