Monday, April 24, 2017

Kim Huther a Fantastic and Experienced Editor

You've used Word proofreading and Grammarly. Should you still hire an editor? The resounding answer is YES! Even the best of us need an extra pair of eyes on our masterpieces. I've had my fair share of oops, how did I miss thats?

Trust me, you don't want to be there. Kim Huther is available to help you make your work shine. Her website is Wordsmith Proofreading, and you can also check out her Facebook Page, Wordsmith Proof Reading Services.


Her current rates as of April 2017 are $4/page or $.016/word (client's choice)

Your writing is perfect, so why hire a proofreader?

You want your manuscript to be taken seriously, to be reviewed positively, but you know errors strewn throughout your pages will stop publishers, agents, and readers in their tracks. A professional proofreader/editor can rescue you from duplicated words, homophones, rogue capitalization, improper indentations, missing punctuation, AND keep your readers from scratching their heads when a sentence just doesn't make sense.

As a first-time author, it can be tempting to call in favors to keep your costs down, but editing an entire book is not the same as proofreading your college papers. This is your life's work; you shouldn’t trust it to just anyone. Hiring a professional will save you time, and their impartiality will provide an honest examination that a friend or relative may not give.

Kimberly Huther of Wordsmith Proofreading has edited over 500 manuscripts since 2008. She's a five-star-rated editor with clients ranging from first-time authors to signed, recognizable names. She knows what your manuscript needs to get you noticed and provide a smooth reading experience for your target audience.

Here's what some of Kimberly's clients have to say: 

  • "She is affordable, professional, flexible in working with my multiple genres, and has a great attitude." 
  • "Kim has dramatically improved my final manuscripts." 
  • "Kim has become a rock star with editing." 

By the time you write “The End,” you will have read your manuscript so many times you may believe it’s perfect as-is, but send one chapter to Kimberly Huther and you’ll see the value in hiring a professional to polish your pages. 

Call today, because with reviews like this one you can see that she’s in demand: 

"I plan on hiring her for as much as she'd like to edit for me." 

You should, too.

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