Monday, December 5, 2016

My Dream Cast of Actors for The Collision of Fire and Ice

Recently, I was asked if I could cast anyone to play the characters in my most recent book, who would they be? Well. I already had an idea about one of my characters, but I really had to think about who would be perfect for the rest.

I must admit, I am very excited about my choices. Now, when I dream about or read my book, I will imagine the characters just as I have cast them.


My list of actors for The Collision of  Fire and Ice.

Karn Elohite: Chris Pratt
Karn Elohite is the leader of the Brehon war band, and a member of the Elohite clan. Karn is brave, and willing to lead, but would rather lead from the shadows when it comes to his clan. Unfortunately, Karn doesn't always get to choose his destiny. There is much in store for him that he'd never imagined, and it takes great heartache for him to find his true calling. Karn is also a follower of the goddess Lorna. He is destined to be her champion, and a dragon rider. He is tall, sexy and dangerous.

I think Chris Pratt would make an excellent Karn. I love his character in Gaurdians of the Galaxy and in Jurrasic World. He seems to really embrace the characters he plays, and I know he would be a great star on screen for my book. So, in my dream world, Chris Pratt is the wielder of the blue flame.

Iaian Elohite: Chris Hemsworth 

Iaian Elohite is Karn's cousin, and brother-in-arms. They grew up together and are fiercely devoted to each other. They can read each other's thoughts in a glance. 

Iaian has a strong personality. He's a kidder, and the life of the party. He is a fighter and lover. The ladies are always glad to see him. Iaian has never been one to settle down. He enjoys being a bachelor, and he will follow Karn anywhere when adventure calls. Iaian is sexy, blue-eyed with long blond hair.

When I first thought about my book and Chris Hemsworth, I wanted to cast him as Karn. But, the more I wrote the more I realized he would definately be a great Iaian. I love his work as Thor, and really enjoyed him in The Huntsman: Winter's War

Lilia Maekel: Bryce Dallas Howard

Lilia Maekel is the daughter of Anwell Maekel, and princess of the Maekel clan. She is well-educated, but hasn't traveled. All her learning has come from books in the Selindale library. She is trained in sword play and hand to hand combat. Lilia is courageous and willing to take charge, despite what anyone around her thinks. Lilia is passionate and caring. She follows her heart, but doesn't allow it to make her decisions.

I have been a fan of Bryce Dallas Howard ever since I saw her in The Village. She is an amazing actress, and I believe very castable as a beautiful and dangerous princess. She also makes a perfect love interest for Chris Pratt's character, Karn.

Annielie Maekel: Emily Blunt

Annielie Maekel is Lilia's best friend and lady-in-waiting. She understands Lilia, and many times acts as Lilia's conscience. Annilie is devoted to Tiernan Maekel, her cousin and fiance. She has been brought up to believe that following duty is paramount. Annielie often puts her desires behind everyone elses. She is also trained in combat.

Emily Blunt would make a fantastic Annielie. I first got to know her work through The Devil Wears Prada. I have since seen her in several films, and love how she makes each character she plays so real. I can see her as Annielie, a stong and beautiful woman.

Tiernan Maekel: Eddie Redmayne

Tiernan Maekel is the rightful heir to Anwell Maekel. He is the brother to Lilia, and a commander in the Maekel army. He is honest, kind and wants what's best for his clan. He is also Annielie's fiance. He is a strong character, and Lilia has always relied on him for protection and knowledge.

I chose Eddie Redmayne as Tiernan, because I am such a huge fan. I've seen him perform as a monk in The Black Death. I've seen him as an artistocrat in Les Miserables, and most recently as Newt in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. He is just amazing, and I would love for him to be Tiernan.

Fridtjof Maekel: Tom Hiddleston

Fridtjof Maekel is one of the major antogonists in The Collision of Fire and Ice. He is a plague on the land of Arcadia. He is blood thirsty and dreams of ruling the entire world. Fridtjof is the cousin of Anwel Maekel, and Tiernan's uncle. He has claimed the Maekel throne as his own, and plans to eliminate anyone who stands in his way.

Tom Hiddleston is just amazing. I love everything I've seen him in -- Thor, Crimson Peak. He makes bad look good, and I really want Fridtjof to be someone you love to hate. (Kind of like Neegan on The Walking Dead.) I think he could portray Fridtjof in a way that would do him justice and even add greater dimension to his character. 

Magnus Maekel: Benedict Cumberbatch

Magnus Maekel is the Maekel mage. He is Fridtjof Maekel's right-hand man, and a powerful magician. He is arguably the most powerful wielder of the flame in all of Arcadia. He is a devoted servant to Elanvanin, and he is merciless. He has a large pet wolf, named Sconwin. He is an important character, and I think even more so than Fridtjof. 

I can see Benedict Cumberbatch as Magnus. Benedict is great as Sherlock, and even better as Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness. He is an imposing figure and I think he would add an important element to Magnus' character. Benedict is also able to portray a character that you love to hate. He would just be perfect!

Well, I hope you enjoy the people I've chosen to play some of my favorite characters in my book, The Collision of Fire and Ice. If you haven't read it, make sure to download your copy from Amazon.


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