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The Very Best Kindle Unlimited Books for Self-Publishing Indie Authors on Kindle

In my quest to become a successful Indie author, I have been doing a lot of research. This research has had me combing the Internet, as well as reading as many Kindle Unlimited books as I possibly can. My husband is on disability from a stroke, so it is extremely important that I not only learn what works, but put it into practice.

The biggest question I have asked is, "How do I get more readers on Kindle?" I think this is a common question all of us Indie authors have. We often ask how to increase Kindle book sales, and how do I attract readers. Well, there are no get rich quick schemes that I have found that work. I have also found that nothing I do produces immediate results. Although, I have read some people who have claimed to have huge profits in just two weeks. I don't honestly see how. It has not been my experience.  If you know the "magic" formula, please share it in the comments.

So, I have pursued various respected authors, and have found that there are several great self-help books out there. The following are my favorite so far. As I find more, I will share them with you.

One of the first people I came across on the Internet was Nick Stephenson. He writes the blog, Blog Your First 10K Readers. (He is also a respected thriller novelist. I want to read his books.) After spending a lot of time reading his information, and several of his self-help books, I have come to trust his opinion and I whole heartedly recommend his books.

Nick Stephenson's Books:

Supercharge Your Kindle Sales is an excellent resource for Indie writers. Instead of trying to review it, I will just say if you don't have Kindle Unlimited, it would be worth downloading a free trial just to get your hands on this book. It's worth the read.

Reader Magnets: Build Your Author Platform and Sell more Books on Kindle by Nick Stephenson was actually the first book I read on this journey. It is a fantastic book, and again well worth reading.

I have implemented several ideas Mr. Stephenson had, and I have actually seen a change in my sales. I have not had a huge boost in sales that some authors suggest you can get after a few days (Mr. Stephenson isn't one of these people.) However, I have gone from selling just a few books, to seeing a broader number of sales across multiple titles.

In August 2016, I made a total of $19.09 on Amazon. In October, a friend found my books, and bought one of each of them. I won't count that part of the month. It was right around the time I implemented the changes I'd learned. So, after implementing changes in the middle of October, and after my friend bought my books, I have made about $72.07.  Now, that is from October 15-November 21, 2016.  Now, that still isn't something that I can live off of, but if I'm correct that is a 277% increase in sales. That is huge! So, just by using the things I learned in these two books, my income from book sales has grown dramatically!

Research is paying off. Thank you Mr. Stephenson!!!

Also, I started using the program Kbookpromotions, and I think that has helped to. There is a link to that program in the sidebar. I suggest doing the free trial, and see what you think. It has helped me find key words that I can turn into long tail keywords, and has shown me that there are people making a lot of money in Kindle books. That in itself tells me, "Don't give up!" One well-known author, I've learned makes more than $40,000 a month on one book title -- and that's just from Amazon Kindle. Other authors are making huge amounts in other segments; including, poetry. If they can do it. So can I! So can you!

Other books, that I have found useful in this journey are:

I don't usually write non-fiction under the name Arwen Chandler, but I have been writing non-fiction books for years. And, I found the information contained in Write Short Kindle Books: A Self-Publishing Manifesto for Non-Fiction Authors very beneficial.

Some features of this book include:

  • Why writing shorter Kindle books is the best approach for many non-fiction authors
  • The benefits of boosting your volume with many shorter, high-quality books 
  • How to price your short ebooks for maximum success
  • Ideal word counts for Kindle books
  • How to break larger book ideas down into numerous smaller books
  • How to brainstorm, outline, and write books faster and more efficiently
  • How to save money on covers, editing, and Kindle book formatting
  • Why building a team of Beta Readers is crucial
  • How to bring your book from final draft to launch

How To Write a Sizzling Synopsis by Bryan Cohen:

I found after reading this book, that my book blurbs were more than boring. They were dull and lifeless. Most authors hate writing a book synopsis, and I am no exception to that. However, I used the information found in Mr. Cohen's book to revamp my synopsis (es?) And, I think that has made a huge difference. It's still a work in progress, but I like them better. One of the great things about being and Indie author is that every time I learn something new, I can fix the old problem.

Notice the change in my blurbs:

The Original Book Blurb for Odds & Ends: A Collection of Short Fiction:

Howard is more than a little sexy in his designer jeans and knock-off Versace sunglasses, but his exterior hides a menacing truth that might just get you killed in the shadow of the Ferris wheel.

Arwen compels readers through the chaos of a riot, and takes them on a desperate walk with a sexy serial killer. She introduces a dystopian world where teaching children outside of school is illegal and the government destroys those who don’t comply, and much more. Enter a work of fiction that is one wild ride, if you dare.

Odds & Ends is a gritty and thrilling work of short fiction.

The New Book Blurb for Odds & Ends: A Collection of Short Fiction:

Open the door to a gripping psychological adventure. Odds & Ends: A Collection of Short fiction abandons all restraints and takes readers on an intense journey through world after world of strange, scary and humorous events. Arwen compels readers to take part in a riot where the perpetrators are not what they seem, and introduces unsuspecting fair goers to a sexual sadist serial killer who frequents the county fair. She presents a dystopian world where teaching children outside of school is illegal, and the government destroys those who don’t comply. Odds & Ends is a gritty and thrilling work of short fiction. Brace yourself as turn the page, and see if you can survive in the shadow of the Ferris wheel. Remember, things are never quite what they seem.

Now, I'm not sure if the new blurb is the most fantastic book blurb ever, but I see it as a definite improvement. It also contains important key words, and the title. (Always put your title in the book blurb. ALWAYS!) Since I've updated things, I've finally sold one and got a review on it. It has been on sale since November 2014, and it is only now starting to get noticed. This is because of the cover change, and the blurb change. I'm certain.

Well, I hope you look into the books I've recommended. I know they are responsible for the success I've achieved in less than 30 days. I plan to keep on learning, and pray that someday I will be able to support my family on what I've learned.

Arwen Chandler, Author of The Collision of Fire and Ice.

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