Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Make a Living on Kindle

I have been researching like crazy, because I have to find a way to make a living writing. I have no choice. In my quest for information, I've found some useful articles. Each article contains valuable information that I've learned through-out my journey. I hope you find these articles as valuable as I have.


There are no real get rich quick schemes when it comes to marketing, writing, and making money with your Ebook. Don't let anyone convenience you otherwise.

But, there are ways to make a living writing books. It won't just happen. You have to make a plan, and put it into action. Just like every business needs a plan, getting your books established requires hard work and a vision. Don't forget writing is your business, and if you are going to succeed you have to work at it. However, there are things that you can do to see quicker returns in the short time.

Most successful authors have already figured the following out. I've only recently changed my original works, and I've already seen a 277% increase in sales since two months ago. So, please start here, and then absorb the information in the articles below. You will be on your way!

Immediate Help for Your Ebooks

  • Revamp your cover.
  • Rewrite your book blurb.
  • Run a promotion. 


1. From paying the bills, to £2,000 a day: making a killing from self-publishing

Via The Guardian


3. Publish your Ebook and Earn Money: How I Made $2,000 from a Kindle Ebook

via The Penny Hoarder

4. How to Make Money Online with Ebooks

5. Make Money with Kindle Ebook

Via Pro Zipper

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