Saturday, November 19, 2016

Reviews are Coming in On The Collision of Fire and Ice by Arwen Chandler

It's true. 

Reading may be dangerous to your health! Because, once you start reading The Collision of Fire and Ice you won't want to put it down. Reviews are coming in and well, it's great!

I have sent out so many copies of The Collision of Fire and Ice that I have lost count. I found several bloggers that would review books for free, the only thing they ask is that if they hate your book, you must understand they are going to let everyone know. (SCARY!) The good thing about these bloggers, is that they tell the truth. You don't pay them. I'd rather have someone hate my book, than buy a good review.

I also sent my book to several author acquaintances, and friends of friends. The only thing I asked for in return were honest reviews; whether good or bad. I will admit this made me very nervous. Especially since this is my very first full-length novel.

Well, the first review came in and I am excited to share it with you! I don't know who wrote it, but I was so happy to get it.  I am hopeful more reviews will funnel in soon. (Good or bad -- hopefully, good!) If you'd like to write an honest review, let me know and I will get you a readers copy.

-- Arwen

My First Review Is In:

About The Collision of Fire and Ice:

Separated by gods of Fire and Ice, clans bound by tradition live on the brink of war. From the shadows, evil arises creating a true clash of clans through-out Arcadia. With no real claim to the throne, Fridtjof declares himself High King of Arcadia. Together with his sorcerer Magnus, and under the banner of fire, they bring a scourge across the land, leaving a path of bloody destruction in their wake. An epic battle between good and evil, fire and ice, threatens to both destroy and unite the land of Arcadia.

From the scattered ashes of devastation, Karn, a reluctant champion, arises from the high mountain region of Bardai. He is destined to wield the blue flame of the goddess in an unbelievable fight of sword and sorcery.

Can Karn and his Brehon war band defeat a power as old as the gods themselves?

Can he unite the clans into one Kingdom where men and sorcerers stand together in a single cause. Will he defeat those who threaten to destroy the very stability of Arcadia, and can Karn usher in the age of dragon riders?

Can he learn to harness the power of the goddess, and let go of the life and love he left behind?

The Collision of Fire and Ice is a tale of romance, sword and sorcery. It merges the wonderful world of fantasy with romance, and blends some of the most fascinating aspects of the Celts, Druids, and Vikings into a new culture all its own. Part Viking romance, part clash of clans, all sword and sorcery. The Collision of Fire and Ice creates a world where only the strongest survive. Do you dare enter?

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