Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Piracy Kills: George R.R. Martin and The Collision of Fire and Ice

Today I was Googling my book, and I found yet another site that was giving away free copies. To date they have given away over 6-million copies! I did the math. That's over 15-million dollars. Sadly, we struggle to make ends meet, and pirates steal what I need to make a living. Make me so angry.

I am trying to have a positive attitude about it. After all, on this site, I found that my book is listed beside George R.R. Martin's book, A Dance with Dragons, and I've almost got as many downloads as his book. (I don't imagine he'd be happy his book is being illegally downloaded either.) So, with that said, I guess I am in good company. I have decided that makes my book a non-seller best seller. I have to try to get a positive out of this huge negative.

I have so many thoughts when it comes to book piracy. Part of me wants to think of it as free advertising. The other part tells me that it's no different than a library. Yet, the part that keeps shouting at me tells me, "You need money to pay health insurance, and the electricity bill and to buy food -- and they are stealing it."

I've heard the arguments. Some people say that books should be free. But, where does that leave the author, who has sweat and tears in a manuscript? The Collision of Fire and Ice took me eight years to write. Where is the justice? I honestly finally understand the anti-piracy warnings on music and video. People work hard. They deserve to be paid.

Anyway! Sorry, about the rant. It's just when your family needs and pirates take, it is infuriating! With that said, have you read The Collision of Fire and Ice? I'd love for you to check it out. If you read it, please leave a comment on Amazon.



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  1. Some sites that offer "free e-book downloads" actually don't. Instead they download malware or a virus when you click. Ebookee is one of the sites, but there are several others. I only download freebies from Amazon when they're running a special. My book FERRADIDDLEDUMDAY, published in 2010 by a small press, was advertised as a free e-book on several dubious sites two years before it was an actual Kindle e-book.