Saturday, October 1, 2016

My Dream Cast of Actors for The Louvre Still Stands

I don't know about you, but when I write I like to imagine the people who I would want to play my characters if my book ever made it to film. I guess it's easier to write when I have a good idea what people look like, and maybe it's the ultimate fan-girl thing to do. Either way, I definitely do it, and I thought it'd be fun to share my dream cast of actors for my short story, The Louvre Still Stands.

Before I give you a list of my dream cast, let me tell you a bit about the story.

About The Louvre Still Stands:

In a perilous age where humanity lives under the control of the Militarian government, one woman risks life, limb, and ship, for a lost treasure trove on old Earth.

Gwyndalaria Casteliano, Captain of the starship Pleiades, leads her Ex-Militarian companion Adrik, and her childhood friend Rodrigo on the treasure hunt of a lifetime. While the common belief is that old Earth has been completely lost after the great alien wars, Gwyn knows it’s ripe for the taking. Intelligence, bought for a steep price, proves that the Louvre still stands. Gwyn leads her comrades on an adventure of a lifetime, as they make a desperate attempt at fortune. It’s too bad Militarian troops are hot on their trail.

The Louvre Still Stands is a piece of science fiction, that nods its head toward spacers like Malcom Reynolds, and is sure to leave readers wanting more.

Of  course a book blurb doesn't tell all, so here's a little more background.

Gwyndalaria (Gwyn) is a spacer. She's the fastest pilot in the known-universe and is from the planet Tortuga -- a water world. She is cocky, and really when I created her I kind of had a female version of Malcom Reynolds (Firefly) in mind. She is kind-hearted, but is also rational, and sometimes she doesn't see things as black and white. Perhaps that's why she makes such a good smuggler.

Adrik is career military. He was raised by the leader of the Militarian army, and before meeting up with Gwyn he was strictly by the book in every way. He has abandoned his military life-style and taken up with a smuggler. He is well versed in battle tactic, and weaponry.

Rodrick is an opportunist with a large bank account. He is also from Tortuga, and is one of Gwyn's best friends. Unfortunately, sometimes money trumps friendship and blurs the lines of trust. He is quite a character, and Gwyn knows it.

My Dream Cast of Actors for The Louvre Still Stands

Gwyndalaria: Scarlet Johansson is my dream actress for The Louvre Still Stands, because she is an amazing actress with a powerful onscreen presence. I first truly fell in love with her in Avengers, where she portrays the character Natasha Romanoff; although, since I have found her in several of my favorite films. I think Scarlet Johansson could pull off the cocky, swaggering personality of Gwyndalaria.

Adrik: Channing Tatum is my dream actor for The Louvre Still Stands. He has a strong presence, and I can see him playing a military type. He can easily portray smart and sexy, and that is Adrik. I will freely admit that my daughter has influenced me greatly in this regard. She is a huge Channing Tatum fan. I hadn't really noticed Channing Tatum (aside from the obvious good looks) until I watched Jupiter Ascending. From that moment on, Adrik was Channing Tatum, no other would do.

Rodrik: Nestor Carbonell is my dream Rodrik. I have been a big fan ever since I saw him on the Tick. Nestor Carbonell can definitely pull off the eccentric and mysterious Rodrick. I wanted Rodrick to be beautiful and of a Latin descent. Nestor Carbonell would be perfect.

So, my dream cast of actors for The Louvre Still Stands is now divulged and into your hands. I hope that next time you read the story you can see why I've chosen who I have. Who knows, maybe someday my dream will come true and we can all see The Louvre Still Stands on the big screen!


  1. I enjoyed reading this short story and hope you will make it into a novel soon. Please? I need to spend more time with these characters!!!!

  2. Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you liked it. I am working on a full length novel that is a prequel to The Louvre Still Stands. I hope you'll like it just as much, if not more. Thanks again!