Monday, October 24, 2016

Best Music for Writing Inspiration

It really should be no surprise that epic music helped to inspire me and keep me writing as I was working on The Collision of Fire and Ice. Since The Collision of Fire and Ice is filled with magic, far away lands, and a fight against good and evil, it only makes since that Celtic Thunder had a hand in my inspiration.

Specifically, the Isle of Inisfree, Turning Away, and Hunter's Moon from the Mythology album have been played over and over and over again. I absolutely love these pieces. There's just something about music that takes my mind to other places. Perhaps it's because I was a musician for so long, that I feel the music more than hear it. With Celtic Thunder, feeling the music is a pure joy.

Another group that I've found inspirational is not as well known as Celtic Thunder. They are Valentine Wolfe. They sing chamber metal. The vocalist, Sarah, has a haunting voice, and Braxton is simply amazing on the bass cello. I haven't been able to buy their newest albums yet. But, the album I did buy is called, Once Upon a Midnight, and it's fantastic. It features the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe. What could be better for influencing a writer? Honestly, I hope some day I can get Valentine Wolf to perform a book trailer for The Collision of Fire and Ice. How cool that would be!

These groups are only two of the ones that have influenced my writing. I will post more later. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

--Arwen, author The Collision of Fire and Ice, and The Louvre Still Stands

Let me know what music influences your writing in the comments below! 

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