Saturday, October 8, 2016

Dream Cast of Characters for Blue Springs, Kansas by Arwen Chandler

So, a great story deserves a great cover. I finally broke down and bought an image for this book. I think it is a much better cover than any other I've had for Blue Springs, Kansas. Hopefully, it will catch a few eyes. It is currently in the process of going live, so hopefully it will be on Amazon in a few hours. Fingers crossed that it will drive some sales my way.

So, in honor of my new cover, I thought I'd share my dream cast of characters for Blue Springs, Kansas.

About Blue Springs, Kansas:

"For years rodeo photographer Laura Garrett never felt more comfortable than behind the lens of a camera or when Clark was at her side. All this changes one night on the way to the rodeo semi-finals in Montana. Suddenly Laura finds herself stranded in the small town of Blue Springs, Kansas. Will she find the strength to carry on, and should she really eat that piece of pie?"

My Dream Cast of Characters: 

Hailee Steinfeld as Laura Garrett: Hailee Steinfeld was amazing in True Gritt. I loved her portrayal of Mattie Ross, and I know she'd do a great job playing Laura. Laura is serious about her photography and is a devoted girlfriend. She's also one tough cookie.

If you haven't seen Steinfeld in True Gritt, you really should watch it.  As a side note, we lived in Northwest Arkansas for a long time, and when True Gritt came out we had just moved to Texas. I didn't want my kids to watch it, because I knew it would make them homesick. The setting is dead on, unlike the original True Gritt. It's one of my favorite movies.

Alden Ehrenreich as Clark Baker: Clark is a rodeo cowboy, good-ole-boy type. He wants to keep his relationship with Laura, but also wants to have his fun when she's not around. Clark has a way of getting under a woman's skin, and making her ignore his bad qualities. Alden Ehrenreich would make an excellent Clark, because he can pull off that bad boy you want to hate, but can't help love type. He's also easy on the eyes.

If you're not familiar with his work, I would recommend watching Beautiful Creatures.

Gerard Butler as Patrizio: Gerard Butler could really pull of Patrizio's character. Patrizio is older than Laura, but still young at heart. He's also been around the block. He's been accused of being in the mafia, and in witness protection. His background is unknown to those around him, but the small town of Blue Springs loves him. He can handle himself in a fight, but he can also make a killer omelet.

Of course Gerard Butler is a diverse actor. He is remarkable in Phantom of the Opera, and just as remarkable in London Has Fallen. And, who doesn't love Gerard Butler?

Christine Baranski as Molly: Molly is a side character, but she deserves her own special actress, and Christine Baranski is it. Molly is a waitress who is infatuated with Patrizio, and is a harmless flirt. She's also kind and encouraging to her patrons. I love Christine Baranski! She is just an amazing actress, and would add a lot of depth and fun to Blue Springs, Kansas. I love Christine Baranski in Chicago, Mamma Mia, and The Big Bang Theory.

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