Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Tour Through The Lands That Have Inspired Collision of Fire and Ice

The lands featured in The Collision of Fire and Ice come from a mixture of several different locations. I've often found inspiration in Irish, Scottish, and Norse landscapes, so I relied heavily on images of these places, as I created the landscape of Arcadia. I hope these images are inspirational for you, too.

About The Collision of Fire and Ice:

"Can Karn and his Brehon war band defeat a power as old as the gods themselves?

Can he unite the clans into one Kingdom where men and sorcerers stand together in a single cause. Will he defeat those who threaten to destroy the very stability of Arcadia, and can Karn usher in the age of dragon riders?

Can he learn to harness the power of the goddess, and let go of the life and love he left behind?

The Collision of Fire and Ice is a tale of romance, sword and sorcery. It merges the wonderful world of fantasy with romance, and blends some of the most fascinating aspects of the Celts, Druids, and Vikings into a new culture all its own. Part Viking romance, part clash of clans, all sword and sorcery. The Collision of Fire and Ice creates a world where only the strongest survive. Do you dare enter?"

Inspirational Lands:

If I could have a plane ticket to travel the world, I would go to the places that have inspired the fantasy novel I'm working on. Collision of Fire and Ice is set in a word full of magic, paganism and dragons. For years I have been collecting images of scenery, and someday I dream of actually walking the places that have inspired the world I've built.

Norway would be my first stop on my Collision of Fire and Ice Tour. The land is breathtaking, and rich in history with legends of Vikings. I dream of climbing the mountains, and taking a boat down the fjords. When I imagine my protagonist, Karn, I see him hunting in snow covered mountains high in the vast remote areas of Norway. I see the Elohite's celebrating the Harvest Festival with great bonfires, and generally carrying on a communal lifestyle in the heart of their homeland, the Bardai Valley.

Ireland would definitely be my next stop, and specifically I would love to visit the Cliffs of Moher. There is a scene in my book where the two major antagonists are traveling by dragon ship to the birthplace island of the gods. The island is called Langerhorn. In it I describe cliffs that remind me of the Cliffs of Moher. I would love to travel along side of them and look up their towering rock faces. I can imagine them coming alive and welcoming me to explore their secrets.

Scotland would be the next stop on my trip.  Again, it is rugged and beautiful, and it also has the same old world feel as Norway and Ireland. When I write about the Land of Four Cities, Murias and Danaarn, this is what I'm seeing. I can't help but imagine the people of southern Arcadia walking across green hills, and herding sheep and cattle.

There are so many other places I'd love to visit someday, and many of them pertain directly to this book. Sadly, some of them I can only visit through the published works of others. I hope that someday people will long to see the world I am building just as much as I dream of seeing Rivendell, or the Shire.

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  1. I would like to see those places someday, too. I look forward to reading your book.