Tuesday, September 25, 2018

I Can't Afford an Editor...HELP! Self-Editing Tips

Never fear, you can self-edit! In a perfect world, Indie authors would all have the money to spend on a professional editor. I mean, who wouldn't want their manuscripts professionally edited. I know that I'd love it, but since I can't afford it, I've had to learn a few self-editing techniques to get me through.

When I edit my manuscript, it is a several step process. I've listed the things I use, and hopefully, you will find something useful in the list.

Self-Editing Techniques

  • Write a piece and read it out loud. This helps to ensure that the flow is good. 
  • Use the Microsoft Word program. I have it set to catch both grammar and spelling mistakes. It will still miss some things, but it catches quite a bit.
  • Spring for the full-edition of Grammarly. Grammarly searches for word use, grammar mistakes, repetitive words, plagiarism, and more!  (A word of caution. If you are in America, you have to set it to use American English. Mine was set up to use British English for a while, and one of my books was corrected and uploaded with British English. I got a two-star review because of all of the "spelling mistakes." OOPS!)
  • Set your Microsoft Word program to read your manuscript back to you. This works even better than reading out loud because sometimes you read what you think you see instead of what's written. 
What are your self-editing tips? Please leave them in the comments below.